Convention Reporters

Tri Star Reporting has experience maintaining the record at numerous conventions.. We have provided the official minutes of convention meetings for groups ranging from the Indiana Volunteer Firefighters Association to the National Rifle Association Celebration of American Values Leadership Forum to the United States Quad Rugby Association.

We regularly provide court reporters, videographers and interpreters for stockholder meetings, convention board meetings, bond meetings, budget meetings, union hearings, disciplinary hearings and more. If you do not need a reporter to attend the convention in person, we can still create an accurate record by transcribing the recorded “minutes” from your association meetings.

You can rely on our experienced court reporters for all of your transcription and videography needs during your next convention. 

We understand the work and cost involved in organizing a convention. Through our work with numerous conventions in the area, we have tailored our services in such a way so as to minimize the impact of court reporting and transcription on your budget. Many court reporters try to bundle their services and this can lead to you paying for services that are suited for an attorney rather than an organizational convention. Don’t waste valuable resources on services that you do not need. Call to schedule our Nashville court reporters to maintain the official record of your next convention.