Arbitration & Mediation

Tri Star Reporting provides court reporters and videographers for arbitrations and mediations across the United States. Ever since the Supreme Court broadly upheld mandatory arbitration clauses in AT&T Mobility v Concepcion, the practice of resolving litigation outside of the courtroom has continued to grow. The need for court reporters has also grown. Many arbitration clauses specify that a court reporter must report all arbitration proceedings and provide a transcript to be certified by the arbitrator. This is necessary to ensure that parties are able to cite a record when utilizing the appeals available within the arbitration framework. It is absolutely necessary in the event that the parties seek judicial review of an arbitrator’s decision or the legality of the process as it was applied.

If you need a transcript of any arbitration or mediation, try our one of our Nashville court reporters or Tennessee court reporters. You’ll receive outstanding service while keeping your costs low. Whether your case is to be resolved before a trial judge or an arbitrator it is crucial to preserve a record of your case. Our professional court reporters and videographers will guarantee that you have an accurate record of your next arbitration. You can also utilize our catered conference rooms for no extra charge. Do not settle for a hotel conference room or a rented business center, host your next deposition or mediation at our neutral suites that can accommodate all of your needs.